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    What are Channel Partners?

    Essentially CPs are the agencies that take the responsibility to sell-off whole or part of the realty projects in a pre-agreed upon duration & take their commission/fees in doing so. In this process, they underwrite the properties which are to be sold by them.
    More on this will get clear in the following discussions.

   How are Channel Partners different from Brokers?

   Although doing the same work, there is a huge difference between Brokers and Channel Partners. A Broker acts as a liaison between the Seller & Buyer and in this process he takes his commission from both the parties.A Channel Partner on the other end
   underwrites the property to be sold for a particular duration by paying the owner some percentage of its cost (refundable). The CP is then free to use any means of promotion & sale including sub-broking, conducting events, etc. to sell the property. Once the
   property is sold in the pre-decided duration,the CP gets a handsome cut from its sale, much larger than a broker’s, and gets his underwriting amount back from the builder.


   Marketing Support :

   PC Realtech Pvt. Ltd. is committed to providing its partners with quality, high-impact, and proven sales and marketing tools to help them grow their business. PC Realtech Pvt. Ltd. has been in the marketing vanguard for years - unlike other companies,
   we've measured what works and what doesn't. Now we enable our channel partners to leverage our collective marketing experience.

   Comprehensive Branding Support :

   We enable our channel partners to leverage our collective marketing experience. We have direct mail/e-mail demand-generating templates available online. Co-branded promotional items, newsletter templates, customizable spec sheets, downloadable brochures,
   and videos on demand-all the resources our internal marketing department uses are now available for you as well.

   Complete Training Support :

   PC Realtech Pvt. Ltd. provides its channel partners complete training support. This not only includes a comprehensive product training on the entire range of offerings, but also extensive skill enhancement training so as to enable them to compete and
   outclass the best players in the market.

    Business Set-Up Support :

    PC Realtech Pvt. Ltd. ensures that each of its channel partners have the best of the business operating infrastructures that meet up the demands of the time by providing the right intelligence and proper guidance.

   Sharing of Expenses :

    does not leave its channel partners to manage all their operational expenses on their own. The company, as a matter of business policy,shares the expenses related to brand promotion events, exhibitions, sponsorships and wherever else that it deems fit
    in the best interest of the association.